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Full Groom-

This is our top service which includes a bath, dry, ear clean/pluck, nail clip and trim. For breeds that do not require trimming, they will receive a thorough de-shed.

Bath and dry-

This service is good for clients who just need their pooch to have a quick spruce up. Your dog will have a bath, dry and a quick brush out of their coat.This service is not suitable for breeds with a long coat. (contact us for more information)

Spa Packages-

These are add on packages that will give your pooch that extra pamper during their time with Labradorable. Some of the things found in the spas include mud baths, facials, teeth cleaning and much much more.

Puppy Packages-

This is a service especially for pups. It is important at the beginning to slowly introduce puppies into grooming as to not cause any stress when it comes to their adult groom. The package includes an introduction to being bathed and the sounds and feeling of the driers. As the adult coat does not begin to come through until around 6 months we do not clip or scissors any hair on the puppies coat or legs. We do however, trim their paws, bottom and face. The claws will also be clipped and the ears cleaned.






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Spa packages

Lovely Bubbly - £8

What better way to give your pooch the 5* treatment than adding this revitalising spa package to your full groom. Give your pooch that extra pamper with extras such as a revitalising facial, teeth clean and a paw and nose treatment.

(Ask your groomer for more info)

Minty Fresh - £5

Dog Breath? This spa package is perfect for those pooches who are in need of a little extra help in keeping those pearly whites shining. Package include: Teeth clean via gel application and breath foam.

De- Shed - £8

Its time to make hoovering everyday a thing of the past with our amazing de-shed package. Our rejuvenating shampoo and conditioner, combined with our shedding tools will leave your pooch lighter, brighter and free of dead coat.